Design of Embedded Controllers for Safety Critical Systems

Project IST-2001-38314


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The Goal

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  An important goal of COLUMBUS is to form a bridge between Europe and US research community with the intent of setting the scene for future collaboration at all levels.


The overarching goal of COLUMBUS is to have an optimized, semiautomated, transparent, verifiable and mathematically correct flow from product specification through to implementation for SW-dominated products implemented with highly programmable platforms.


This vision can be decomposed into the major stages of design (specification; refinement and decomposition; and analysis), and implementation (target platform definition; mapping; and links to implementation)

Finding the entire set of methodologies, tools and IPs needed to design an electronic system from conception to implementation in a single company or University is out of the question. For this reason, we strongly believe that collaboration among Universities and several segments of the electronics industry is needed. In addition, while the system industry in Europe has been traditionally strong both in terms of products and methodologies, implementation of platforms and middleware has been an area of strength in the US. On the research side, DARPA has funded for a few years a strong program in the area of embedded systems and software. The European Union with IST program has also fostered research in the area of embedded systems. It will be beneficial if both sides of the Ocean could collaborate to solve one of the most challenging research problems for the next ten years.