Design of Embedded Controllers for Safety Critical Systems

Project IST-2001-38314


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Hybrid System Modeling

Stochastic Control and Analysis of Hybrid Systems
Theory of Meta Models
Meta Modeling Tools
Platform Based Design
Design Flow




Work Plan

Home Work Plan


The objectives of COLUMBUS are ambitious but we believe that our previous work in the area coupled with the synergy among the participants is a good starting point.


The work plan includes the following sub-goals that identify the work packages:



Hybrid system modeling techniques to capture the nature of the design problem and the interac-tion between abstract models and implementation platforms (Work package HS);


Stochastic control and analysis algorithms for hybrid systems (Work package SHS);


Embedded software design methods based on a set of novel paradigms:


A theory based on abstract algebra that can provide the basic foundation for an error-free methodology for design specification and early verification (Work package TA);



Software tools that use the notion of meta-models, the result of the investigation de-scribed above, as the integration platform. We believe that the fully specified meta-model could be an ideal interchange format among tools with formal semantics that will allow formal analysis and the use of rigorous design flows based on the concept of successive refinement (Work package MM);

Platform based design


A complete characterization of platform architectures in terms of layers of abstractions and inter-faces among them. This characterization will draw from the work on the formal platform-based design methodology developed by the partners (Work package PBD);

ii) A flow and a methodology for the design of embedded controller for safety-critical systems by focusing on important test cases that have been studied extensively by the partners: automotive power train, flight and air-traffic control (Work package DF).

Each work package contains a number of tasks that are carried out in collaboration among the partners. Note also that the scope of this research is large. Without the contributions of the U.S. partners and their funding it would be plainly impossible to complete the work outlined in this document.

In addition to the technical work packages, there are two administration work packages, led by the coordinating team, which will run in parallel to the above for the entire duration of the project. One is the coordination work package (WPCO) which comprises work essential for the smooth running of the project is concentrated, and the other is the dissemination work package (WPDIS) which comprises work related to the dissemination of the results of the project to the academic and industrial communities.

Work Plan Summary

The following Pert chart summarizes the dependencies between the work packages. Even though the dependencies shown are important, the work packages SC and TM can start even before the work packages HS and TA are concluded allowing the compression of the time needed to carry out the work in two years.